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Founder of the original lashes only boutique & lashing since 2009

Artist: Team


Founder I Candy Lash Boutique
Master Lash Expert
Cosmetic Tattoo Artist

Beginning in 2005, Lindsay Witt started Skin by Lindsay, an industry-leading Esthetician in San Diego.  Over the past 18 years she's evolved as an artist and business owner to cater her growing and loyal clientele.  Lindsay specializes in eyelash extensions, brow tattoos & saline tattoo removal.

I take this craft seriously and have a lot of passion in applying perfect lashes that last. This is not a "fly by night" profession.  Bigger is not aways better as far as a lash business.  I see far too many unhappy clients with their current artist.  Poor application, laziness and lack of training will leave you with less than desirable results.  I have seen this time and time again and there is no reason clients should be dealing with issues like this.  Yes, from time to time there are issues with retention and irritation (few and far between) but all in all lashes should be a fun, luxurious service you're happy with.  If you ever have any concerns I will definitely do my best to meet your requests.  I use my very own line of the highest quality lashes and adhesive.

"I can't wait to meet you as a new client and provide you the best service possible."

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